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Our instructor (Jacky Chan, the one on the left in grey) was trained under Master Eddie Wu (the one in black), the 5th lineage holder of the Wu Style Taichi Chuan, the great grandson of the great master Wu Kamchun. Master Wu emphasizes that Taichi Chuan has two practices: body and usage. This means that it is no just for exercising the body, but also has to know how to attack and defend, to use the skills in a practical way. In fact, every move in Taichi Chuan can be used in actual combat.

Wu style Tai chi

Kungfu from the Royal Palace in China since 1850's

Wu Quanyou was a military officer cadet of Manchu ancestry in the Yellow Banner camp (see Qing Dynasty Military) in the Forbidden CityBeijing and also a hereditary officer of the Imperial Guards Brigade. At that time, Yang Luchan was the martial arts instructor in the Imperial Guards, teaching t'ai chi ch'uan, and in 1850 Wu Ch'uan-yu became one of his students.

In 1870, Wu Ch'uan-yu was asked to become the senior disciple of Yang Pan-hou, Yang Luchan's oldest adult son, and an instructor as well to the Manchu military. Wu Ch'uan-yu had three primary disciples: his son Wu Chien-ch'uanWang Mao Zhai and Guo Fen.

Wu Ch'uan-yu's son, Wu Chien-ch'uan, and grandchildren: grandsons Wu Kung-i and Wu Kung-tsao as well as granddaughter Wu Ying-hua were well known teachers.

Wu Chien-ch'uan became the most widely known teacher in his family, and is therefore considered the co-founder of the Wu style by his family and their students. He taught large numbers of people and his refinements to the art more clearly distinguish Wu style from Yang style training.

Wu Chien-ch'uan moved his family south from Beijing (where an important school founded by other students of his father is headquartered, popularly known as the Northern Wu style) to Shanghai in 1928, where he founded the Chien-ch'uan T'ai Chi Ch'uan Association (鑑泉太極拳社) in 1935.

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Direct lineage

Our instructor was trained by the wu's tai chi chuan academy headquarters in hong kong.

In the world of Kungfu, lineage from the origin means everything. Our instructor, Jacky Chan, was trained by the Wu's family at the Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy Headquarters in Hong Kong for many years. Under the traditional training methodologies and understanding of modern science, we are now able to discover why and how Tai Chi Chuan is not only healthy, but also an efficient martial arts (kungfu).

Learn from a medalist

Our instructor, Jacky Chan, won the bronze place of Wu family traditional Tai Chi at the TCAA Open Tai Chi Competition 2017. 


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