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Kungfu (Martial arts application)

Many people know about Taichi from its unique slowness and relaxation, but not many people know the tough side of it. Taichi is a kungfu, slowness is a way of training and people nowadays simply forgot it is a kungfu. A Kungfu that was taught in the forbidden city (royal palace in China).

Group class: 1) Monday - Friday 3-4pm. $80 per month, once a week.

                        2) Monday - Friday 6-7pm. $80 per month, once a week.


An unique way of Taichi training and combat simulation is called push-hands. Through the training of push-hands, we learn how to maintain our balance while we are moving. Increase our strengths and senses.

Group class: Monday - Friday 4-5pm. $80 per month, once a week.

54 forms Wu style Tai Chi Chuan

A training routine that majority recognize what Taichi is, the slow moving relaxation routine that help you focus on your inner-self.

Group class: Monday - Friday 5-6pm. $80 per month, once a week.

One on One

Private training available

You deserve a tailor-made teaching program that suits you and you only, and willing to pay a slightly higher price? You've got it! We can arrange a special time slot just for you.

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